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The FieldLab Robotics is the knowledge center for companies, knowledge and educational institutes and governments in Limburg regarding robotics and automation in Limburg. We aim to create awareness amongst decision makers and among the general public about opportunities of robotization in the present and future. 1The Fieldlab Robotics is located in Roermond and the only of its kind in our region. It is an official partner of the national Smart Industry network connecting more than 50 different fieldlabs.

The FieldLab Robotics is one of 19 partners in the European CoRoSect project. To execute our part of the project we are hiring a young and ambitious


4 – 8 hours per week / 8 – 12 months with possible extension

Familiar with digitalization-automation-robotics | Good programmer | Independent worker | Creative | Hands-on

With societal challenges such as climate change, pressing food security issues and a looming environmental crisis, insect farming promises to be a hugely viable – and sustainable – solution.

CoRoSect brings a novel perspective to automated insect farming. The FieldLab Robotics is one of 19 partners in this innovative European project. Together we introduce a digitalized, integrated robotic solution to support all insect life cycle phases in farming. The project goal is to create a collaborative environment where humans and robots harmoniously share and undertake various cognitively and physically demanding tasks, such as transferring and handling crates (de-stacking and stacking), monitoring environmental conditions, larvae separation/detection, insect feeding, and more.

The job

  • You will help setting up several student software development projects that in combination aim at generating a miniaturized mock insect farm. These student projects (done by other students) required to achieve this goal include programming of autonomous guided vehicles, mini-drones, augmented reality for sophisticated process visualization and human-machine interaction, object manipulation with robot arms, digital twinning, and AI infrastructure for planning, monitoring, and control. 
  • You will explore and suggest suitable robotic hardware and infrastructure for these projects such as mini-agv’s, mini-drones, augmented reality glasses, computational hardware. 
  • You will setup quality assurance procedures that will help developing professional code and documentation so that the developed software is maintainable, reusable, and extendable. You will guide others to write good software and monitor the quality of their work.
  • You will take a lead part in the organization of a hackathon for real challenges in the areas of digitalization and robotization of insect farms. 
  • You will contribute to the organization of a seminar on digitalization, automation and robotization of insect farms.


  • You are a master student in AI, data science, computer science, engineering or a closely related field and you have a strong interest in robotics.
  • You have good programming skills and experience. Translating complex challenges into practical applications and assignments fits you like a glove. 
  • You are an independent worker, enthusiast, creative, reliable, hands-on.
  • You are an excellent communicator and like working with other students and professionals. Coaching and inspiring teams of students is one of your main skills. You are good at organizing events.


Send your application to:

Saskia van der Laak, CEO FieldLab Robotics

+31 (0)6 29064929