Field Lab Robotics


Finals Corosect Hackethon

  • 24 mei 2023

May 13th. Last day and finals of the #Corosect Hackethon League at Maastricht University.

For the finals students were presented a planning and routing problem which was inspired by #Nasekomo opening several waste reuse plants around Europe.

The students were given graphs where they had to find optimal routes fot trucks taking into account different constraints. The takst was divided into a routing problem and a scheduling challenge. Some of the constraints include minimizing CO2 usage, optimizing for costs and working out a schedule for all of the drivers. 

Winner of the Hacketon was #Rafael Diederen. Second was #Valentina Cadena and third winner was #Johannes Bendler.

Many thanks to Incognito for the great help. 🙏 

Congrats to all of you and we hope you had a great time!!!