Field Lab Robotics


Corosect seminar mini insect farm

  • 22 april 2023

In the future everybody will be used to eat burgers made from insect protein. But we need the technology for sustainable large scale insect farming. That is the aim of the 19 partners coopering within the Corosect project.

Over 60 bachelor students of Maastricht University, department of advanced computing sciences,  worked for 3 months on different processes that take place in insect farms, such as agv’s, cobot, ai, vr, gesturing. 

Partners of the FieldLab Robotics where invited for a student presentation of the mini insect farm on April 20th in Maastricht, result of their challenging work past months. 

Dr. Rico Möckel gave an introduction into Corosect, the importance of insect farming and the neccessity of applying new technologies to scale up insect farming.